Textile Top
of Production Inspection

We'll do this inspection after 3% to 5% of an order is complete, with the goal of finding quality issues before the entire production is completed.

Our mission and vision

For a great experience

Main Checks Performed

  1. Inspection of first pieces off the production lines
  2. Ensuring that the first piece of the production line complies with customer’s expectations
  3. Sampling across available styles, sizes and colors
  4. Checks running back into the productions lines and at cutting and storage level
  5. Check on: Conformity (style, trims, fabrics & color), measurements, quality (appearance, workmanship, construction)
  6. Evaluation of production problems: Cutting, bundling, assembling, stitching….
  7. Establishment of a corrective action plan to improve the rest of production

Fabrics and Raw Materials That We Focus On

  1. Garments, shoes, accessories, bags
  2. Complex items
  3. Complex assembling and constructions
  4. Products with development issues


Identifying the Root Causes of Quality Problems at an Early Stage
Implementation of an Action Plan to Enable Process Corrections/Improvements
Assisting the manufacturer with the start-up of the manufacturing process for specific samples

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