To sustain the growth that Pakistan’s Sports products & Textiles industry has experienced, the industry will be required to reform, perform and transform its traditional functioning and outlook. Achieving manufacturing excellence through sustainable Product Development is the way forward for the Pakistan’s Export of Sports & Textiles Products for International Brands.

Continual Improvement:

Creating and embracing continuous improvement of people, processes and product leads to achievement of excellence. Continuous improvement is all about leading by doing and empowering employees to make continuous improvement.

Roadmap to manufacturing excellence

To remain competitive in the international market it is important to simultaneously improve quality and productivity on continual basis. Manufacturing excellence thus is the need of the hour to sustain the growth that Pakistan’s Sports & textile industry has experienced.

Continuous Research and product development

Continuous focus has to be given to research and product development in order to gain competitive advantage. Bringing new ideas into action can lead to finding new manufacturing methods to improve performance, producing better quality and designs and streamlining of the entire process flow.

Skill development

High performance training in the Sports Factorys & Textiles apparel industry is important as manpower involvement is more than any other industry.


Prototype validation Size set sample validation
Salesman sample validation
Pre-production sample validation

Main Tests Performed

Conformity of raw materials (including fabrics, components, and accessories)
Construction and assembling methods
Functionality, performance and safety Workmanship and stitching Measurement, grading and fitting

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