Sustainable Textiles Academy

Gain Sustainability knowledge with training classes & reading resources.


On-site and classroom training on various topics

Environmental / Chemical Management & Assessment Sustainability in Textiles & Fashion SAC approved Higg Index FEM 3.0 Training Higg Index Capacity Building Detox Assessment – Capacity Building & Training Carbon Footprint in Textiles & Fashion Environmental Footprints (Carbon, Water, Energy & Ecological) Textile Product Life Cycle Assessment  Sports inspect also offers additional support via different reading resources (blog articles, newsletters, e-books, etc.) to do more research on the topics covered in training.


Textile sustainability reading resources

Blogs, newsletters, e-books, webinars, etc to do more research into the topics which are covered in training.


Main benefits:

Decreased Production Costs thanks to enhanced knowledge of your teams and partners which leads to better practice Improved Corporate Culture Sustainability becomes part of your corporate culture


Sports inspect Added Value

Training can also be co-developed with you on a specific topic and in your language.

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