Incoming Material

When components and accessories arrive at the finished garment manufacturer, they are inspected. This will save time and money if they turn out to be defective or have other quality issues.

Our mission and vision

For a great experience

Main Checks Performed

  1. Visual assessment of 10%, 20%, 50%, or more, of the produced quantities
  2. Usage of 4 or 6 demerit point system or any other system agreed
  3. with our customers
  4. 100% assessments for expensive fabrics and leather hides
  5. Check on A, B, C grading of tanneries
  6. Conformity check: dimensions, colors, weaving, knitting, shading, tanning, finishing, coatings…
  7. Control of quality
  8. Picking of samples for laboratory testing

Fabrics and Raw Materials That We Focus On

  1. Fabrics: Natural fibers, synthetics, blends
  2. Greige and PFD ( Prepared for Dyeing )
  3. Leather hides
  4. Other components such as trims, laces, elastic, ribbon


Identifying the Primary Causes of Production Delays
Identification of Non-Conformity Sources
Replacement or correction before the start of production or at an early stage

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