raw matreial

Functionality, performance, comfort, quality, and trendiness must all be considered while designing sportswear and outdoor gear. We are aware that: The consumer does not require a stylish but non-functional product. The consumer does not want a functioning but unfashionable item.

Our mission and vision

For a great experience

Main Checks Performed

  1. Visual assessment of 10%, 20%, 50%, or more, of the produced quantities
  2. Usage of 4 or 6 demerit point system or any other system agreed
  3. with our customers
  4. 100% assessments for expensive fabrics and leather hides
  5. Check on A, B, C grading of tanneries
  6. Conformity check: dimensions, colors, weaving, knitting, shading, tanning, finishing, coatings…
  7. Control of quality
  8. Picking of samples for laboratory testing

Fabrics and Raw Materials That We Focus On

  1. Fabrics: Natural fibers, synthetics, blends
  2. Greige and PFD ( Prepared for Dyeing )
  3. Leather hides
  4. Other components such as trims, laces, elastic, ribbon

Benefits of Fabric and Raw Material Inspection

Defects and Major Causes of Non-Compliance and Quality Issues Identification
Before shipping or before the start of production, you can get a replacement or correct.
Time and cost savings are linked to supply-quality issues

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