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Our experts ensure that the production and designs of the Product from different stages of the production processes are stringently met with stipulated standards. We follow a comprehensive investigation route to check apparel quality pre-production to the final stage of shipment, removing the smallest of doubt in fabric quality and giving a complete satisfaction of mind to the investigated company. During textile and apparel inspections, we undertake thorough fabric inspection to count its weight, print standards, defects, and hand feel. Our inspector ensures proper garment labeling and it includes relevant information like RN, makes of country, fabric content, etc. The workmanship is also assessed to confirm proper stitches, matching stitches, fasteners, pattern continuity, and linings in form. Our agency’s textile and apparel inspector also measures fabric width, length, and weave appearance to strictly comply with the relevant standards and regulations during the production process.


CEO Note

“It is a privilege for me to lead Sports Inspect, OUR aim is to reliably satisfy the demands of our International clients. It is, then, a real pleasure to share this vision guaranteed by a huge list of customers whose main activity is the production of Sports Products (Sialkot) Textile Apparel & Home textiles, technical fabrics & shoes from All over Pakistan. WE have added various hardline products into our scope of inspection so we can serve an even wider customer range. Our experience within various industries acquired along the last two decades, as well as our engineering expertise and skills in managing a personal approach from Large to a medium size enterprise, allows us to assure a better service in our inspections on a global basis. At Sports Inspect; we are confident that we will merit and count on your confidence.” Irfan Ameer Malik



Specialists going beyond the pass and fail approach

Proposing corrective actions for a continuous amelioration

Key objective: to help brands invest better and less in quality management

Who we are

We match a specialized and highly qualified Inspector to your particular product needs. Our inspectors will identify more defects and issues because of their specialization. Our engineering expertise, as well as our approach, allows us to assure a better service in our inspections on a global basis. We are a Third Party inspection body that endows inspection services for different products and organizations. The Sports, Textiles and Apparel inspection, With our client-oriented services, we assure you that only the best products are okayed that reliably pass every testing parameter without compromise which assures you to deliver the highest-quality products to market with precision and speed. Once the inspection is undertaken, it gives the merchandize the seal of quality. There are several reasons why we Stand as a Leading Sports Products, Leathers, Textile Fabrics, Made-ups & Apparel product Inspection


Services Company:

We have a well-qualified team of inspectors who can Identify apparel types, purity of the material, quality and fabric make, defects, and noncompliance in finished goods.


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This team is continually gaining experience by working with over 4,500 factories annually, and over 200 brands across the world.
by Natali Craig
Sportsinspect's credibility is based on its experience and the expertise of its employees. In addition, they follow various accreditation programs and are currently to the following international standards.
by Natali Craig
Sportsinspect relies on 30 years of experience as a company and on the profound experience of its employees. It is highly experienced in fabric & leather processing and in the production of finished garments, footwear, and accessories.
by Raymond Atkins