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SportsInspect's QC professionals execute this type of inspection on all of your finished products on-site at factories or at our inspection centres (i.e. in a neutral environment.)

Why us

Our Inspection Criteria

Key Elements of a Product-Specific Inspection:

  • Dispatch specialized auditors with experience in product categories.
  • Incorporate special checkpoints tailored specifically to your product category.
  • Verify the most critical functions of your product on-site in the factory.
  • Collect defect samples for further review or testing; Generic Approaches to Product Inspection.
  • With product-specific inspections, you can be sure that your product will be scrutinized by an expert in the product category.
  • SI auditors will be able to offer insight as to the cause and possible solutions for all the technical Quality issues. 
  • In most cases, inspection results will be issued within 24 hours of completing the service and will give you an in-depth look at the product, packaging and testing performed, complete with comprehensive images of the process.
  • Results will be marked as PASS, PENDING, or FAIL and will include a crystal-clear breakdown of the issues found. At every step in the process, OUR staff is standing by to answer your questions and get involved at the factory on your behalf to help deal with any quality or production issues.

Inspection Details

Most frequent information
  • All clients will have their appointments pre-booked to be at the most convenient time for them.
  • After each inspection, our qualified inspectors will produce a comprehensive report. this details the Products & or equipment inspected, its present condition and any remedial work required.
  • All defects will have a detailed explanation having a photograph of the defect for clarity of identification and for a permanent record.
  • The contents of the Electronic Inspection Report will be discussed in detail with the Factory Representative, any points that require clarification regarding equipment defects or non-compliance.
  • After review of the electronic report and further discussion if required, at the clients request we would provide an estimate to take remedial action and conduct any repairs accordingly.

We are Reliable, Informative & Precise. Our Inspection Reporting Process is designed to be transparent, and incorporates a Risk Assessment Matrix for complete clarity

Receive your detailed product inspection report the same day of inspection. You can see potential issues before the product is shipped. With US, you will receive exactly what you paid the supplier for.

  • Inspection Stages Carried Out By The Agency In Brief: Pre-Production Stage:
  • The quality of incoming material is checked in conformity to standards.
  • The type and quantity of raw materials are verified.
  • Inline Production Stage:
  • Both semi-finished and finished products are randomly sampled to assure that the production batch does not miss on any minor to the major quality standard
  • Samples inspected are verified and faults are immediately addressed with the production staff by implementing corrective action plans based on inspection findings.
  • Safety visual checks are undertaken frequently along with social compliance.
  • Final Production Stage Inspection:
  • Final products are sampled.
  • Findings of problems found in samples are marked in the inspection report.
  • The factory is then acknowledged by the findings.
  • Packing Inspection Before Delivery:
  • The product ready to be packed is randomly inspected.
  • A full inspection of all finished goods is undertaken.
  • Careful supervision of transportable load is reviewed to avoid damage during transit.
  • Prior to shipping, our textile inspectors review the packaging list to ensure correct carton count with proper dimension and weight, shipping label, and style that must correspond to the standards as per packing slip. Post packing, affirmatory garment count is followed to see if the carton is packed as per carton dimensions laid out, tags included to confirm SKU/price, and barcodes are visible along with the garment shade identification.
  • We Cover Unseen Defects Including:
  • Critical Flaws– Defects in compliance standards can trigger hazardous or unsafe conditions. Non-compliance with safety regulations can promote danger to the customer like missing on a stray needle in the garment, broken and loose buttons in kids’ wear, sharp edges in the comfort wear, or missing suffocation warnings.
  • Major Flaws– Defects resulting in outright rejection of product due to poor stitch quality, fabric color fading, open seams, or such that prevents the exposure of product in the market.
  • Minor Flaws– Although minor defects like thread strands popping out or broken box cases don’t reduce product usability, they are notified.

Textile inspection is very important for today’s successful business and to maintain goodwill. Therefore, our textile and apparel inspection services help the company identify several defects before they can hamper production stages or lower quality standards. Under the expert supervision of the investigator, an audit report is submitted to the company to verify its internal process workup and improve upon its deviations

Maintain a tight schedule, and efficiently reduce the number of defective products
  • Production Monitoringis a product inspection performed on unpacked goodswhile still on the production line. This quality control approach is a powerful solution to stay on track with your production, maintain a tight schedule, and efficiently reduce the number of defective products shipped from factories in Pakistan. The production monitoring service forms part of your quality assurance program. It occurs during the manufacturing process.
  • Based on your quality standardsand product specifications, OUR inspectors inspect the quality of manufactured goods on the production lines, identify defects, and remove defective products for rework or replacement.
  • OUR inspectors also determine the root cause of defects, notify the vendor of the necessary corrective actions, and verify correct implementation of those actions. Their guidance helps your supplier to achieve your quality requirements and guarantee on-time delivery.

WE can arrange Production Monitoring within 24 hours.  We guarantee daily updates on the production status and any corrective action plans put in place.


  • Production status & capacity
  • Workmanship
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Dimensions and weights
  • Production line audit
  • Monitoryour production in real-time
  • Hands-on supportfor your supplier to continuously improve quality
  • Identify theroot causeof defective goods
  • Avoidsupply chain disruption
  • Guarantee100% of finished goods reach your quality standards

ADefect Sorting Serviceis essential for avoiding supply chain disruptions and verifying 100% of goods shipped from Pakistan meet your quality standards. Also referred to as Defect Removal, this quality control solution is performed when a consignment has failed the pre-shipment inspection process, or as a substitute for pre-shipment inspection of high-value products.

  • SI qualified inspectors examine the entire batch of finished goodsin detail before shipment to ensure they meet all your quality expectations and applicable regulatory requirements. They identify and remove the defective productsfrom the production batch. Defect free products are shipped while finished goods with defects are discarded or reworked. 
  • SI can arrange Defect Sorting Servicewithin 48 hours and guarantee your defect sorting inspection reportwithin less than 24 hours. 


  • Specific checkpoints from client
    (including workmanship)
  • Quantity check
  • *The defect sorting service is fully customized based on your specific quality issues. 


  • Identifythe real percentage of defects affecting your product’s quality
  • Obtain evidenceto negotiate with vendors
  • Ensure yourtime-to-marketby shipping on-time
  • Guarantee customer satisfactionby delivering defect free products
  • Protectyour brand and demonstrate your strong commitment to quality

Main Checks Performed

  1. All pieces presented are checked
  2. The products can be segregated as rejected, accepted, repairable, and re-checked immediately after repairing

Production That Benefits from This Service

Denim, Knitted, Woven & Leather Apparels, Workwear, Home Textiles, Gloves(Cycling, Fitness, Bike), Paddle Rackets, Martial Arts, Fitness, Gym & Sportswear, Cricket & Soccer Accessories, Footwear & Leather Bags.

Benefits of 100% Inline Inspections

Maximum Assurance of Quality for a Full Production Run
Possibility of Reaching a '0 Defect' Rating
100% sellable pieces

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